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Transforming business intelligence2019-10-16T12:30:08+01:00

Go at the speed of sound decisions.

Using AI to answer ‘the why‘, Avora One gives business leaders, performance analysts, data and technology owners a totally transformational analytics solution, giving you clarity to act with foresight and focus, and reducing the time spent debating.

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New Root Cause dashboard
Avora AI driven business Intelligence analytics
LN Avora

Our unique technology lets you

  • Empower non-technical users to easily run and share reports

  • Quickly ingest data from any source

  • Improve business insight and performance with powerful AI

  • Accelerate decision making, productivity and cross departmental collaboration

  • Enable data analysts to focus on higher level tasks

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Business and Department Leaders

Get rich, reliable, on-point insights, to make and act on decisions faster while uncovering operating efficiencies and new growth.

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Avora Data Analyst Business Intelligence

Business Performance, Data Analysts and Scientists

Easily interrogate data from across your business, produce critical insights in a fraction of the time, and drive influence and impact.  

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Data Technology Leader Business Intelligence Avora

Data Stewards and Technology Owners

Manage all your data and analytics in an agile and secure cloud solution, instantly add value and reduce costs. 

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Discover why in seconds

AI Root Cause Analysis

Avora AI alerts you to metric anomalies, then the underlying reasons in seconds.  

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Unlimited data sources

Integrate all your data in smart cloud warehousing – fast, secure, lower cost.   

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Dynamic collaboration


Explore, visualise, share and collaborate with anyone, with total control.

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HBO white

Unlike any other solution, Avora were able to demonstrate
clear and rapid return on investment.

Emilio Otermin, Senior VP Technology and Operations, HBO Latin America

Adopting next generation solutions like Avora
is key to O2 Telefonica’s leadership and success.

Gareth Hussey, Performance Marketing Director, O2 Telefonica

With Avora we easily democratise insights and data
across the business, and be future-ready.

Angus Jenkins, Head of Ecommerce, Figleaves

Why Avora

AI powered root cause analyses millions of rows of data to reveal the key drivers of change and performance.

Built for your market

Avora has proven its value in a range of industries and markets, from Retail to Financial Services, Advertising, Supply Chain, and Media and Entertainment

Whatever your role, business type or industry, Avora can unlock the potential of your data to pinpoint operating efficiencies, sales opportunities and strategic advantage, every single day.

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Talk to one of our team of data and analytics experts and get started with a free proof of value. Discover how Avora can help you and your business efficiently and powerfully unlock the potential of your data.

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Latest Case Study

HBO Latin America turned to Avora to improve affiliate broadcasters' reporting and deliver a more impactful experience for their analysts and content curators to meet the demands of sustained growth in the region.

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