AI Driven Analytics

“Minimise data preparation, Maximise decision making”

AVORA is a next-generation data intelligence solution delivering scalable, fast & cost-effective Business Intelligence as a Service.

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“Accelerated time to insight & automatic analysis”

AVORA delivers a fully managed end to end solution that we call Business Intelligence as a Service. All our clients significantly reduce cost & complexity compared to traditional BI solutions & in-house data projects, & can radically speed up deploying machine learning across their business.

AVORA Advantage

Your Data

powered by machine learning

Smart Alerts, Root Cause & Insights by Exception


Real-Time ETL & Integrations

Any data source, from anywhere, in one place


Easier & Faster to use for all users

Connect, Query and Analyse quicker than other solutions

up 50%

Savings and Improved TCO

vs traditional BI platforms & solutions

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See what AVORA can do for you. AVORA has no limits on what data you want to examine. Contact us today to arrange a demo.

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