Identify unusual behaviour as it happens using machine learning - without waiting for the weekly report.

Root Cause Analysis

Find out why performance has changed, automatically see the most relevant drivers.

Trusted, Flexible Data

Hassle-free data management-as-a-service, with minimal data modelling.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Share one true view of your data & insights with colleagues - anywhere, on any device.

Head of Marketing

Get the complete picture from across all channels utilising all relevant data to fully understand how your marketing campaigns are performing.

Campaign Manager

Analyse campaign effectiveness, understand what is working and what isn't. Adapt and develop campaigns in flight based on real-time intelligence.

Head of Sales

Receive immediate notification of unexpected variances in sales campaign performance metrics and be automatically directed to the underlying causes.

Data Analyst

Get back time to focus on tasks that drive business value and support effective right time decision making across the enterprise.


Enterprise Ready

Securely, purpose built to fit the size and scale of your company.

Fit for All

Self service enabled for Business professionals to Data Analysts/Scientists.

Intelligence in Realtime

Use AI powered alerts and root cause to do the hard work for you.

Centralise all Data

All data from any source in one place to slice and dice as needed as often as you wish.

The marketing role is changing and the reliance on data and the importance of understanding and adopting Next Generation solutions like AVORA was key to O2’s leadership and success going forward.


Working with AVORA has provided us with great flexibility in terms of the data they can process and the user-friendly and understandable way that it is visualised.


White Paper

Media agencies now operate in one of the most complex and time sensitive data ecosystems, with an increased risk of creating silos of information, making it more and more difficult to deliver accurate and timely insights.

This white paper explores how media agencies are using data today versus how they should be using it tomorrow.