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Anomaly Detection & Root Cause Analysis – Avora2021-02-19T09:42:03+00:00
  • Avora

Find issues before they impact revenue ​

AI-powered anomaly detection and root cause analysis for the metrics that matter to your business.

Anomaly, Alerts and Root Cause Analysis

How we help

Maximise revenue

Maximise Revenue

Fix funnel issues fast.
Save money from checkout to payment.

Prevent churn

Prevent Churn Symbol

Save more people.
Spot and solve reasons customers leave.

Acquire smarter

Acquire Smarter

Make marketing work.
Reduce CAC with AI campaign monitoring​.

Easy integration to your data warehouse

Amazon Redshift
Big Query
Azure Synapse

Get to the root cause

Find it

Find it

24/7 rapid notifications of anomalies in ​business metrics​.

Fix it

Fix it

Get root cause delivered instantly for rapid resolution​.

Move Forward

Move Forward

Turn your attention to building the business.

Unlike any other solution, Avora were able to demonstrate clear and rapid return on investment.

Emilio Otermin, Senior VP Technology and Operations, HBO Latin America

One thing that made Avora so good was that they genuinely listened. They are always looking for new solutions to improve our experience, which is brilliant.

John Birtwhistle, Associate Director, eSynergy Solutions

With Avora we can give everyone across the business the power to make data driven decisions.

Angus Jenkins, Head of Ecommerce, Figleaves

Let’s get started

From being busy to making progress, take the first step to being in control of metrics.