Our Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to help everyone work smarter. By removing unnecessary boundaries and giving everyone access to insights, we help people accelerate decision making and drive positive change, every day.

Our purpose is to accelerate the efficiency and execution of actionable data, process and AI to empower people.

By giving everyone easy and equal data access, intelligence and foresight at speed and scale, customers gain a higher level of organisational performance.

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Our Story

Avora is a next generation end-to-end augmented analytics and enterprise BI solution with integrated AI and machine learning.  Our mission is to help everyone work smarter. We can help you radically transform from data and decision paralysis to powerful continuous insight and business value.

Traditionally BI and data analytics solutions are expensive to deploy, restricted in use and difficult to build. And they still don’t tell you why things are happening, what is about to happen, or what you can do about it!  Avora was born to change all of that.

We provide revolutionary augmented analytics as-a-service for the enterprise. We make analytics and insight so fast, reliable and easy to use that every business user is now an empowered virtual data analyst. We give everyone access to insights, we help people accelerate decision making and drive positive change, everyday.


“Avora was borne from frustration running my other businesses. Traditional analytics only tell you what’s happened, not why and where to focus. It makes no sense that 80% of the heavy lifting to normalise different data types and run reports is done by data analysts. It’s inefficient, unnecessary and impairs growth.  There aren’t enough data analysts and scientists to manage all company queries. A different approach was needed for more people to make accurate and continuous, data-informed decisions every day.”

Ricky Thomas, CEO & Founder of Avora


Avora Values Visionary


We’re a next generation analytics and intelligence solution, transforming expectations. And we like to co-innovate to empower you to solve not just today’s challenges but realise tomorrow’s goals and ambitions.

Avora Values United


We believe in better together. United as a company behind an end-to-end solution that unites teams around a trusted single source of truth, we collaborate and stand shoulder to shoulder with you and your partners to achieve your objectives.

Avora Values Boundless


There are unlimited possibilities for the impact and value from insight only Avora can reveal. We consciously set no limitation on licenses or seats, in order that all your teams, functions and partners can access and share insights.

Avora Values Authentic


We are honest with ourselves and everyone we work with. We prefer to be human beings! Customers need reliable, accurate data and insights to make decisions and we give complete transparency of data quality, connectivity and speed.

Avora Values Velocity


Business is fast paced. You need to understand and make good decisions quickly and continuously to maintain your competitive edge. We work together with you to speed up data integration, access, time-to-insight and decision making.

Avora Values Purposeful


Our purpose is to put data analysis and insight to meaningful use and at the heart of business. In doing so, we will help you positively impact your growth, performance and organisational vision and responsibility.

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