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Agency Analytics2021-01-15T13:56:23+00:00

Agency Analytics

Find issues before your clients do

Avora finds issues in your client’s campaigns before they impact revenue. Anomaly detection finds problems and root cause analysis uncovers underlying drivers in seconds.

  • Catch underperforming or overspending campaigns before your clients do

  • Save hours or days on your monthly reporting, root cause gets to key drivers of performance and losses

  • Find underperforming channels or campaigns quickly before you waste spend and miss your revenue targets.

  • Identify if users from a particular segment, specific categories or marketing channels are driving lower conversion rate.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

Avora automates manual tasks and continuously analyses millions of records, to catch issues earlier before they impact performance or spend.

Root cause analysis

Avora finds factors that caused changes to key metrics like spend, traffic, conversion and in seconds to enable in-flight campaign management and huge time savings on reporting.

Root Cause Analysis

Continuous forecasting

Bring your forecasting into the future using Avora’s data science. You can get much more accurate predictions for the metrics that matter.

Avora Notifications

Look at your data when it matters. Avora integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams to get you alerted whenever your KPIs have an unexpected behaviour.


Slack & Microsoft Teams Integration


Unlike any other solution, Avora were able to demonstrate clear and rapid return on investment.

Emilio Otermin, Senior VP Technology and Operations, HBO Latin America

One thing that made Avora so good was that they genuinely listened. They are always looking for new solutions to improve our experience, which is brilliant.

John Birtwhistle, Associate Director, eSynergy Solutions

With Avora we can give everyone across the business the power to make data driven decisions.

Angus Jenkins, Head of Ecommerce, Figleaves

Easy integration to your data warehouse

Amazon Redshift
Big Query
Microsoft Azure

You’re in great company