Less navigation. Understand faster why metrics change.

Avora 2.12.4 is here. Our customers said they’d love to have an additional way to reduce time to spot changes in metrics, find out why and check their forecast. That’s why we delivered Metric Explorer.

Preview all metrics set across your entire organisation in one single page in the format of a chart snapshot for each metric, including  anomaly detection, root cause analysis and forecast. The metric chart shows historical data, highlights recent anomalies for which you can discover the “why” with a click, and provides a 30 day forecast.

Metric Explorer Overview

For a quick tour of Metric Explorer check this video

Identify unusual behaviour 

Without any additional setup required, Metric Explorer automatically runs Avora’s machine learning algorithms against all of your metrics with the aim of identifying anomalies in your data. Anomalies are data points that exist outside of the expected range, based on historical trends and patterns. If a data point sits outside of this range, it is considered to be an anomaly.

How do you benefit from this?

It helps you find unexpected changes to the crucial metrics in your business, for example conversion rates being too low. Automating the ability to get alerted to unusual behaviour in important metrics means you can act – before serious issues arrive.Conversion Rate

Explain “why” in seconds

How can you tell what caused the anomaly and decide what action to take?

The Metric Explorer enables you to perform Root Cause Analysis on any data point to find out the reason why that data point moved the way it did. When you click on the red or green dot that displays the anomaly, the Metric Explorer will show you what the factors are that caused the metric change, and their impact on the change.

NEW RCA 2png

In this example from the telecom sector, Avora’s machine learning tells us that Revenue is 25% lower than expected, having decreased by just over £1million pounds since the previous week. The top reasons for this decrease are unexpectedly low yield from advertising through paid search, low results from Google Ads and poor uptake of the SIM only mobile plan. We can also see what factors had a positive impact on revenue.  In this case, there are good performances from the low spend customer segment, the London region and purchases of upgrades.

Knowing why revenue is lower allows you to take immediate action to prevent further decreases in sales by allocating budget to high performing campaigns.

Continuous forecast

The Metric Explorer page includes forecasting on each metric. Avora’s machine learning algorithms run over millions of historic data trends, together with seasonal events like holidays. You get much more accurate predictions for the metrics that matter.

Digital Media Conversion Rate

Filter, pick favourite metrics and set alerts.

You can find Metric Explorer in the AI section of the Avora app. On the main page you can see all metrics set across your entire organisation.

Alerts And Favourites

The feature allows you to filter and view your data by the day, week, month or year. To pick your favourite metrics, just click on the star icon on the card. Then you’ll be able to go back to your favourite metrics anytime using the “Favourites” filter. You can also filter your metrics by those that you’ve used recently, or only those that have had anomalies. Simple, easy to use, so you get to focus on the most important thing – your business.