Analytics Market Consolidation: Don’t Be A Pawn Star

June 19, 2019

Author: Manjit Johal

If you work for an organisation, then you’re all too familiar with IT companies wanting to ‘own’ you as their customer.

The tech giants want you in their ‘enterprise stack’ – almost at any cost. So much so, they are literally spending billions to make it happen in order to cross sell you other products or prevent their competitors from doing the same. The latest examples in the analytics arena are Google’s acquisition of Looker and more recently Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau.

At AVORA, we don’t think you should be a pawn in someone else’s chess game. The rise of a growing and enthusiastic data community shouldn’t mean you have a target on your back. We believe in a simple, easy to use, business-user friendly tool to get better insights that go beyond data visualisation.

AVORA is one of the only remaining truly independent analytics platforms. Our experienced data scientists take care of your data and will help you easily start analysing straight away and without the need for you to do any data modelling. We provide more than 350 connectors, integrated Machine Learning, a high-performance hybrid-cloud database in an end-to-end solution, and the ability to switch between data visualisations without any leg work. We think licensing should mean ALL business users should have access (not just a handful in the data team), nor should you be locked into a data model. And we don’t think you should be constantly bombarded with alerts every five minutes either – just when a real change occurs.

Unlike other vendors, we don’t want to ‘consolidate you’, absorb you into a custom stack or redirect your IT strategy. We want to simplify your life, get you from insight to action in a matter of seconds, and make you more agile and competitive – no strings attached!