Big News: We have secured $6.5m in funding!

January 29, 2019

Author: Ricky Thomas

We are delighted to announce that our recent Series A funding round, led by Albion VC, Crane, and a number of previous investors including Stephen Kelly and Dr Steve Garnett, former Chairman EMEA, has raised $6.5m (£5.1m) for Avora.

Avora is already a market-leader serving an impressive client base, including Telefonica, OMD, NPR, Elevate Credit,, and Ocado. This new funding will allow us to enhance our native machine learning technology and make our platform even more powerful.

Not only that, but we will be expanding our leadership and sales teams to bring in new experience. We will also launch our platform in the US and plan to develop an app marketplace where our customers can build their own solutions on top of the platform.

The way we work with data is changing. Where business intelligence provides attractive reporting, Avora uses native machine learning and augmented intelligence to provide actionable insights.

The platform can ingest and centralise data from any number of disparate sources. Our innovative Smart Alerts will flag any data anomalies in real-time so our users can react faster and more effectively to problems. Better still, our powerful Root Cause Analysis tells users exactly why any anomalies took place.

These insights allow users to become strategically data-driven and make more impactful business decisions.

Avora is at the cutting-edge of data analytics, augmented intelligence, and machine learning; this funding will help us bring our technology to a wider audience as we continue breaking new ground in our industry.

We want to thank our customers, employees, and investors for making all of this possible. We can’t wait to see what the future brings.

We don’t just tell you what’s happening in your business, we tell you WHY it’s happening, as it happens. We get under the skin of a business like no-one else – using machine learning we centralise your data, get to the root cause of changes and automatically flagging the insights that matter. All of this within minutes, versus hours & days, if not weeks, of manual analysis. Our customers not only save time and resources using Avora, but also save valuable money.

-Ricky Thomas, our founder and CEO