eSynergy is a technology consultancy, delivering business value to its clients across all areas of cloud computing. Every day the team challenge the status-quo of the consulting landscape by delivering outcomes in a faster, more agile and cost-efficient way.

With dozens of consultants all working on different accounts and towards varying deliverables, manually monitoring the business’s activities was virtually impossible. By properly leveraging data from across all their business activities, however, eSynergy knew they could massively improve their operational efficiency and, of course, profit.

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The Challenge

Like most modern companies, eSynergy wanted to actively track and analyse data to help improve their performance. By monitoring core KPIs of both the overall business and individual consultants, eSynergy would receive constant feedback on progress and have total transparency across all their business operations.

Unfortunately, despite having access to the data via their CRM, they lacked a suitable platform for visualising and analysing it.

Enter Avora. eSynergy partnered with us to centralise their information, create intuitive dashboards for every user, and to provide crucial analysis and insight to help drive the business forward.

The Solution

First things first, we helped eSynergy sift through their old, messy data and make it useable.

Since individual consultants need to track vital metrics in their day-to-day work (like interviews arranged or CVs sent), we built unique dashboards for everyone in the company. This gave users a crystal clear picture of their own performance at any given time.

Higher-level dashboards were built for the management team and focused on core business KPIs. At any moment, the company could see accurate revenue numbers, where each sale was coming from, how individuals were performing, and so much more.

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Our solution didn’t just present the numbers in tidy visuals, either. Our powerful analytics showed whether the company was performing better or worse than expected on any given day, week, or month. The eSynergy team could create custom reports to track any KPI or metric important to their business.

When eSynergy moved their CRM to Salesforce, we assisted in the migration, helping to map all of their data. We quickly had their dashboards and analytics back up and running without any downtime or disruption to the business.

“Avora is clearly dedicated to creating the perfect customer experience. Thanks to their hard work, we managed an effortless transition to Salesforce from our old CRM.”

John Birtwhistle, Sales Operations Director, eSynergy Solutions

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For Individuals

With Avora’s solution, every team member at eSynergy is now able to track, monitor, and visualise their progress against all core KPIs. Consultants’ sales order books are updated every 15 minutes, and the data is so clearly presented all users can easily digest it.

Since team members can access all of their data from the past 12 months, including trends in their activity, everyone can quantify their progress and success in all facets of their work. Today, well over 50% of eSynergy employees are using Avora every day.

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For The Business

A direct result of using this platform is an improved ability to monitor revenue and make fast, reactive decisions based on our analysis and insight. eSynergy management has created custom reports for key business deliverables, helping keep the entire business on-track and accountable for its targets. Using these custom reports has already resulted in increased revenue, demonstrating a rapid ROI for eSynergy.

One empowering result is that eSynergy feels buoyed by Avora’s “nothing is impossible” attitude to business intelligence; a mentality shared by eSynergy. Moving forward, we will continue to work on implementing the ideas and functionality which eSynergy believes will help their business.

“One thing that made Avora so good was that they genuinely listened. For example, if we’d used particularly useful tools on another platform, or had our own ideas to improve functionality, Avora set themselves to creating it for us. They are always looking for new solutions to improve our experience, which is brilliant.”

John Birtwhistle, Sales Operations Director, eSynergy Solutions

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