Real-Time Insight and Smart Alerts

Our Vision

Our vision is to simply create an easy to use but automatic insights platform utilising machine learning with Smart Alerting. We are committed to providing automatic insight through anomaly detection and deep learning, while providing for an open and collaborative platform.

Our Core Values


Avora Speed

Most reporting tools are slow and using historical data. AVORA is exceptionally fast and with real-time data.

All In One


AVORA can be your data warehouse, visualisation layer and analyst. No IT is required either and you can get going straight away.

Ease Of Use


Everyone can now be a data hero by using your simple point and click wizards or write SQL.



All your data in to one super fast database with the whole company having access and all of this is without the need for IT or Analysts. Once you factor in the anomaly detection, smart alerting, goals and the automation of reporting, the TCO is extraordinary low.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Traditional reporting systems such as business intelligence are useful but actually very expensive, slow and charts on their own do not deliver much. With machine learning on top, our systems are analysing your data every day, finding issues in the data to ensure you have the insight delivered to you as fast as possible.

Join The Team

At AVORA our people are the most important assets


Our Customers

Some of the businesses taking advantage of our Machine Learning and Augmented Analytics.

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Our Partners

Some of the businesses that we partner with.

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