Adtrak is a digital marketing agency that excels in performance marketing, delivering results across all web design, SEO, PPC and social channels for a diverse range of clients including Band Aid, Easymix Concrete, and Nottingham Rugby Club. The company is located in Nottingham and has more than 480 client accounts supported by over 130 staff.

the challenge

The Challenge

Adtrak’s success resulted in exponential growth so that data processing and reporting varied from client to client. Accounts resided on different systems, suppliers stipulated specific reporting requirements, and there was a dependency on spreadsheets and manual data processing to generate reports. The result was a multitude of data points, data feeds and no uniform method of reporting.

The agency wished to transform their reporting process to better demonstrate value to their clients and reduce the workload associated with report generation. They sought a platform capable of ingesting and aggregating data from numerous disparate data sources that could standardise the analysis process to ensure marketing performance was monitored, measured and reported in a consistent way.

The Process

Adtrak selected the Avora platform primarily based on its ability to ingest data from any source. Data needed to be collated from eight separate applications – AccuRanker, Bing, Facebook, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, MySQL, ResponseTap and Salesforce – but one of the biggest issues was how to pull the data from phone call records. It was the ability of the platform to extract this phone data, export it into MySQL and transfer it onto the platform that marked out the Avora offering.

the process

“The really big one for us was the phone data. Other platforms support Google Adwords and Analytics etc but they don’t offer non-standard connectors. Avora’s ability to get that phone data into MySQL and then pull that on to the platform and tie it to data that was in Salesforce really clinched it for us.”

Chris Rutter, Senior Manager, Adtrak


Using the Avora platform, Adtrak was able to specify a data refresh every 24 hours and schedule reports for once a week. Individual client dashboards were created and populated with data from the eight applications covering marketing metrics such as onsite user engagement, and off site performance metrics. Reports are then customised with the Adtrak and client logo.

Should the agency need to trigger a report outside the usual window it can do so without the need to raise a ticket. This self-service element was highly appealing to Adtrak which decided to take Avora as a white label solution. As a consequence, the agency has been able to use the platform as a value add, demonstrating the speed and accuracy of its reporting to differentiate itself in the marketplace. It has been so well received that the company is exploring marketing the solution direct to clients in the future.

“Avora’s flexibility is helping us to differentiate in what is a saturated market. We have used Avora as a sales point by revealing it as our reporting solution and it has really impressed people and helped us win business. The next logical step for us is to capitalise on that and offer it as a solution to our client base. Clients can then bring their own data onto the Avora platform and overlay or combine it with the data we mine for them. So if we had a client with their own Salesforce, Hubspot or Doubleclick account, they could bring that data into Avora, combine it with data from Analytics and Adwords and gain business oversight.”

Chris Rutter, Senior Manager, Adtrak

on boarding

Avora kicked off the onboarding process by creating and implementing connectors to the eight external data feeds. Raw data was then pulled down onto the platform where it was validated. Reports were created linked to this data, validated and then deployed to each client account dashboard. Throughout the process, Adtrak had access to the platform and was in communication with the Avora team, allowing them to request changes to ensure the solution met the needs of the business.

Driving The Data

The platform was rolled out across the company in 2017, with all 130 staff trained on how to use the solution. Currently the solution is being used predominantly by account managers to monitor data and report to clients although the company envisages it being used collaboratively in the future both internally and with clients.

Adtrak staff are now actively engaged with the platform, exploring the Card Builder feature to query data in multifarious ways. Using the drop down menus, users can select metrics and specify data ranges, add formulas, name the card and choose which client/staff dashboards to add it to. This has allowed the management team to optimise how performance data is reported to clients.

driving data

“The ability to build cards is incredibly powerful and very useful for us. It’s almost like being a super user; being able to create cards and then pull on data that we wouldn’t normally be able to get at. We recently ran a card on a specific vertical we have several clients in and looked at things like cost per click to find out which of our clients had better ie lower cost per click than the rest and were able to find out what we were doing on that campaign and then apply that to the others. That saved our clients’ money, got them more clicks AND increased the performance of their accounts.”

Chris Rutter, Senior Manager, Adtrak



Adtrak now has a single source of data and dashboards for each of its 480 clients. Marketing performance is tracked every 24 hours, improving data accuracy, and the reporting process has been automated with reports generated on a weekly basis rather than once a month.

Previously, manual reporting cost the company over £20k a month in billable time and was laborious with staff copying and pasting data from each application into spreadsheets. With the process fully automated, the business is realising substantial cost savings and efficiency gains and those same staff are free to focus on campaign management and client relations.

There have also been strategic benefits, with metrics that were previously hidden now accessible. Adtrak can query data across applications and compare results and this has provided some unexpected insights. For example, the agency has been able to determine how many visitors originate from a specific vertical by amalgamating data from all of its accounts in Google Analytics; an action that is not possible in the source application. It also now has visibility of its penetration of the marketplace and can identify and exploit new business opportunities for clients.

“The ability to build cards and split data that comes in from Salesforce and the links they have with Adwords is still very impressive. It’s stuff that we didn’t think we could ever do and couldn’t do before. Things we didn’t expect from the software that will benefit the company both immediately and in the longer run. It’s already helping us make business decisions more quickly and we can see future applications for it for our clients.”

Chris Rutter, Senior Manager, Adtrak


In the near future, Adtrak intends to take advantage of the Machine Learning capabilities of the platform to refine digital marketing strategies. The Smart Alerts feature will inform team members of any fluctuations in KPIs and the agency will use alerts to monitor campaigns to ensure Lead Generation activity is on target. Root Cause Analysis, which interprets and provides cause/effect scenarios, will be used to help identify how marketing can be tweaked so that in the event a client wants to reallocate spend, Adtrak can determine which services are the most/least productive and where to focus investment.

Adtrak initially selected Avora due to its ability to bring all of its data into one place and to process reports more regularly. But the granularity of the data and the way in which it can be queried have opened up a wealth of possibilities. Adtrak is now providing its clients with deeper insights, is gaining market share, and is in a position to offer its client access to the platform in the future, revealing that the platform has allowed the agency to innovate and differentiate its services.


single source of data

Single source of data derived from multiple systems updated every 24 hrs.

custom built connector

Custom-built connector to convert and combine phone records with Salesforce data.

customisable dashboards

Customised client dashboards and client branded reporting.


Visibility of previously hidden metrics providing Adtrak with future business opportunities.

Avora AI powered Enterprise Analytics

Ability to differentiate and potentially offer the platform to clients as a whitelabelled third party service.

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