Time to stop sending your analysts down the mine.

A recent survey found that data scientists spend around 80% of their time on data preparation, and only 20% actually sifting through it, identifying trends, and building up business-driving insights. With excessive emphasis on preparing data, your analysts’ powerful analytical abilities are wasted and their morale can plummet, affecting the whole company.

This white paper examines real, easy-to-implement solutions to use your analysts’ time better, and explores the status quo in data. Topics that are explored include:

  • Issues like time-consuming data preparation, conflicting analyses, excessive visualisations and data silos affect the value and insight businesses get from their data.
  • Businesses having access to data in real-time and in the raw format brings down barriers and furthers collaboration.
  • The use of AI and machine learning to create ‘augmented analytics’, aid businesses, save time on analysis and help them make better informed decisions.

Read this white paper to learn why data analysis has become a time consuming exercise and how you can make better use of your data and time to gain insights and make better decisions.

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Centralised Data 80w

Centralise all Data

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Intelligence in Realtime

Use AI powered alerts and root cause to do the hard work for you.

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Collaborate Seamlessly

Share one true view of your data & insights with colleagues – anywhere, on any device.


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