Embedded AutoML

Make it as easy as possible for users across your business to adopt analytics. It’s been proven that adding data analysis to your existing applications and web portals significantly increases adoption rates.

Avora’s embedded analytics solution brings augmented analytics, powered by machine learning, directly into your enterprise applications. So you can enable a much larger group of users to explain why their business metrics are changing, in just seconds.

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Faster time to market

Everyone in your business can now answer questions like “Why is our revenue down? Why are our costs higher than our projections?”, using Avora’s Embedded AutoML solution. Find the answers buried in your data quickly, so you can avoid wasting time leading to lost revenue and opportunities.

Avora allows everyone to explain the “why” in seconds, instead of days or weeks.

Faster Time To Market
Increase Productivity

Increase productivity

Embedded AutoML from Avora can help reduce ad hoc reporting requests to your BI & analytics teams by providing end users with a faster route to the insights they need, when they need them.

With Avora embedded in business applications, business users can find the answer to why business metrics change in seconds, instead of days or weeks.

Enhance customer experience

Embedded analytics enables users to spend less time switching back and forth between business applications and analytics tools, and more time on value-added activities. For users who only have access to one screen (common in remote working), this is a gamechanger.

Embedded AutoML gives the power to answer all critical questions to your business users and within applications they already use and are familiar with. Give users easy access to the data they need, when they need it.

Enhance Customer Experience
Scalable Solution

Scalable solution

Avora can scale and grow with your needs (and your customers’ needs) and can handle an increasing quantity and variety of data.

Avora enables you to easily make changes to your embedded reporting as you grow. You can also maintain your model in one place and have your metric definitions and user permissions update everywhere automatically.

Integration and deployment

Avora embeds AutoML into your applications by using iFrames, ensuring compatibility everywhere and a higher level of customisation.

Avora’s platform has been built to run in the cloud, so time to value for deployments on your cloud-based applications is even faster.

Integration And Deployment
Security Governance Hero Circle 01a


Authentication and access control are critical issues for embedded analytics. Avora is capable of integrating with your security model and systems such as single sign-on (SSO).  Also, you can simply extend whatever roles and rights you have in place in your own application to the Avora platform.

Data architecture

To improve performance and response time, Avora’s platform allows you to query back-end data sources and join and transform data on the fly, without needing to retain data locally.

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Data Architecture