WEBINAR: The evolution of analytics: From BI to AI

Analytics have come a long way – from data warehousing and manual report building to centralised data in the cloud and machine learning driven analytics. Business Intelligence (BI) tools were revolutionary when they arrived: they made analytics more accessible to the wider business users. Their speedy and powerful analytics provided insights that businesses only dreamt off in the past. But as technology advances, so has the analytics world evolved.

Hear from Alvin Chan, Head of Product & Data Science at Avora, and Paul Way, VP of Sales at Avora, how you could benefit from augmented analytics. You will find out how:

  • What is behind the rise of the CDO and why organisations need to incorporate them into their strategy and operations.

  • The roles that support CDOs – beyond Data Scientists, there are other roles and functions that are necessary for success.

  • What it takes to succeed in the data role – how to overcome challenges and create an environment of empowerment.

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