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Avora has proven its value in a range of industries and markets, across Retail,Financial ServicesAdvertisingSupply Chain, and Media and Entertainment.

Whatever your role, business type or industry, Avora can unlock the potential of your data.

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Avora Data Analyst

Avora gives Figleaves the ability to easily democratise insights and data across the business, empowering our users to work more collaboratively and become advocates around the data. Avora also enables our various departments, such as Merchandise and Buying, to work together more effectively and iteratively.

Angus Jenkins, Head of eCommerce, Figleaves
Industry Retail Ecommerce Analytics and Business Intelligence

Retail & Ecommerce

Retail success is built on fine margins, attention to detail, customer behaviour and being able to act swiftly.

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Industry Telco Tech Analytics and Business Intelligence

Telecoms & Technology

Understand what drives customer loyalty, reduce churn and grow subscription faster.

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Industry Media Entertainment Analytics and Business Intelligence

Media & Entertainment

Understand what’s driving audience and content engagement, sponsors and partner value, merchandise, ticket sales and more.

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Industry Marketing Advertising Analytics and Business Intelligence

Marketing & Ad Agency

Understand campaign performance drivers, and build rich client relationships with Avora One.

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Industry Finance Analytics and Business Intelligence

Finance & Banking

Comprehensive, secure, accurate data analysis and informed decisions across your business.

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Industry Logistics Manufacturing Analytics and Business Intelligence

Manufacturing & Logistics

Make smart decisions with better connected data and insights across your operation and wider supply chain.

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Industry Energy Analytics and Business Intelligence

Energy & Utilities

Combine data and understand consumption patterns, optimise network performance, sales and more.

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Industry Consulting Analytics and Business Intelligence

Consultancy Services

Deliver high value to clients with advanced data driven insights, with branded and white label options.

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Industry Travel Analytics and Business Intelligence

Travel & Transport

Combine unlimited data volumes from your travel ecosystem to understand customers and content relationships.

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Retail and Ecommerce

Retail success is built on fine margins, attention to detail and being able to act quickly.

Turn challenges like ‘wardrobing’ into competitive advantage with both panoramic and a deep understanding of your operations, product and customers like never before.

Unify data from legacy departmental silos, then powerfully interrogate and reveal cross-functional performance improvements ranging from user experience to merchandising, promotions, purchase intent, stock value and logistics costs, with material sales and operational impact.

Enable data scientists and analysts to deliver greater business impact, and empowering business users to more openly collaborate across silos and with partners.


Uncover deep customer insights and interactions with your products and services, whether in-store or online. Improve forecast accurately forecast market opportunities and develop market fit propositions with advanced analytics across multiple data sets.

Retail data and technology

Flexibly and more affordably unify all your data with Avora’s unique hybrid solution encompassing ingestion, warehousing, ELT and virtual data modelling. Secure, with granular governance it is fully supported and managed.

Supply and Logistics

Tackle ‘wardrobing’ in a joined-up way with a panoramic view across product lines, suppliers, warehouse and transport partners. With next generation data joining and visualisation, and unrestricted collaboration on a single source of truth.

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Retail analytics dashboardRetail AI and data driven enterprise analytics
TelcoBIAnalyticsupgradesdashboardTelco BI Analytics

Telecoms & Technology

Pinpoint what drives customer loyalty, reduces churn and grows subscriptions, with a faster and more reliable single source of the truth across sale activity, marketing campaigns, functions and siloed data sources. 

Use next generation augmented analytics and AI, built to transform speed and cost efficiency.  Allied with powerful yet easy to use visualisation, you have unlimited collaboration with your internal teams and external ecosystem of third party partners, agencies and affiliates. 

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Media & Entertainment

Understand what’s driving audience and customer engagement with your content, demonstrate value to sponsors and commercial partners, increase merchandise and ticket sales and optimise all your marketing and sales efforts. 

Avora One powerfully connects disparate data sources into a combined single agile view, delivering a new generation of analytics with AI built in to transform speed and ease of interrogation and insights. Easy to use dashboards with unlimited user collaboration with both internal and external partners. 

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Who we help

Business Intelligence analytics owner image

Business and Department Leaders

Get richer, faster, on-point insights to make and act on smart decisions while improving efficiency.    

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Avora Data Analyst Business Intelligence

Business Performance, Data Analysts and Scientists

Easily interrogate data from across the business and produce critical insights in a fraction of the time.  

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Data Technology Leader Business Intelligence Avora

Data Stewards and Technology Owners

Manage all our data in a secure, flexible, powerful cloud solution, increase business value and reduce cost. 

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Advertising Enterprise Analytics roundelAdvertisingBIAnalyticsdashboard()

Marketing Agencies & Service Providers

The world’s best and brightest marketing, advertising and media agencies discover transformative campaign insights and build deeper client relationships and proven results with Avora.

Cut time to insight and C-suite reporting in half and collaborate openly in real-time.

A complete view not only dynamic campaign performance but outcomes such as sales impact and top-line growth. Get notified immediately of changes in performance, such as variances in customer behaviour, engagement and/or channels.

Inform your clients, with scheduled reports and ad hoc updates and how ad campaigns are performing.  Reveal fascinating insight on attribution across disparate channels and formats and how activity and spend is being optimised.

Discover the impact and real ROI of campaigns and share with senior client stakeholders.  Have a holistic view of performance across all channels and formats, sales, campaigns and promotions – including website visits, brand and social engagement, customer behaviour, store footfall, on-line and off-line sales and more.

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Some platforms can ingest Google Adwords and Analytics but none offer non-standard connectors like Avora. Their ability to bring mobile phone data into the platform and join it to Salesforce data really clinched it.

Senior Planner, Global Advertising Agency

Finance & Banking

Comprehensive, secure and accurate data analysis and informed decisions across your business.

Reveal untapped customer segments, trends and opportunities. 

Marketing leaders and teams

Transform performance with a 360 view of marketing and sales programmes and outcomes, no matter the data source.

Discover underlying drivers of customer value in seconds not days. Accelerate insight and cut executive reporting in half with unrestricted and real-time collaboration.

Data and Technology leaders and teams

Escape technological overload and unify your data with Avora’s unique end-to-end intelligence solution.

Complement your existing infrastructure or resolve legacy headaches. Avora One solves data ingestion and warehousing, and our virtual data model and advanced machine learning creates powerful visualisation and seamless distribution of near real-time insights.

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Finance analytics and business intelligence image

With Avora we have a single end-to-end system rather than three separate data warehouse, ETL and analytics products. This gives us trusted insight for financial reports and dynamic adjustment of marketing spend.

Head of BI, Elevate Credit
Logistics trucks BI Analytics roundel

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Manufacturing & Logistics

Understand and optimise product development and manufacturing processes with joined-up data, advanced analysis tools and reporting, with open and shared accountability.  

Make fast, smart decisions with better connected and assimilated data across complex supply chain systems and multiple data sources.

Energy & Utilities

Make faster, smarter decisions with better connected and assimilated data across a complex supply, channel and demand ecosystem. Combine operational and customer data to identify patterns of consumption to inform future business decisions and better target network reinforcement.

Unlock your data to truly understand why customers switch, drive up acquisition and retention rates. Collaborate on combined data to focus marketing and sales effort, and build products and services that add more value to your customers.

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Energy Utilities BI Analytics roundel
Consultancy and Professional Services Business Analytics
eSynergy Regular Logo

eSynergy, the innovative technology resource consulting company, built unique dashboards for everyone in the company to give users a crystal clear picture of their own performance at any given time.  Higher-level executive dashboards were built for the management team which focused on core business KPIs. 

At any moment, the company can see accurate revenue numbers, where each sale is coming from, how individuals are performing and so much more.

Consultancy and Professional Services

Build deeper, more valuable client relationships quickly, with advanced insights across connected data sets.


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Travel transport BI Analytics roundelRetail BI and AI Analytics dashboard

Travel & Transportation

Combine the diverse range of data sources, at unlimited volume from across the travel ecosystem to deepen your understanding of customers, content providers and distribution channel effectiveness. Generate new sales, increase efficiency and drive customer loyalty and repeat business.

Using next generation augmented analytics with AI built to transform speed and cost efficiency allied with powerful yet easy to use visualisation with unlimited collaboration with your internal and external partners. 

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HBO Latin America turned to Avora to improve affiliate broadcasters’ reporting and deliver a more impactful experience for their analysts and content curators to meet the demands of sustained growth in the region.

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