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Avora Data Analyst

Avora gives Figleaves the ability to easily democratise insights and data across the business, empowering our users to work more collaboratively and become advocates around the data. Avora also enables our various departments, such as Merchandise and Buying, to work together more effectively and iteratively.

Angus Jenkins, Head of eCommerce, Figleaves
Industry Retail Ecommerce Analytics and Business Intelligence

Retail & Ecommerce

Retail success is built on fine margins, attention to detail, customer behaviour and being able to act swiftly.

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Industry Telco Tech Analytics and Business Intelligence

Telecoms & Technology

Understand what drives customer loyalty, reduce churn and grow subscription faster.

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Industry Media Entertainment Analytics and Business Intelligence

Media & Entertainment

Understand what’s driving audience and content engagement, sponsors and partner value, merchandise, ticket sales and more.

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Industry Marketing Advertising Analytics and Business Intelligence


Understand campaign performance drivers, and build rich client relationships with Avora One.

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Industry Consulting Analytics and Business Intelligence

Agency Services

Deliver high value to clients with advanced data driven insights, with branded and white label options.

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Industry Travel Analytics and Business Intelligence


Automate insight into players and the best ways to drive retention and revenue.

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