Marketplace Analytics

Understand your reach and customer buying behaviour with easy integration to all of your data. Use anomaly detection and Smart Alerts to run real-time analysis against your data to keep selling optimal amounts.


Connect to all of your data with 300+ Integrations with real-time updates and no limits. View Integrations


Powerful yet easy to use visual layer to slice and dice your data as you wish

Smart Alerts

Anomaly Detection and Smart Alerts so that we let you know when something is wrong in your data, in real-time.


Built for collaboration, invite colleagues, suppliers and clients so you achieve more in one platform

Insights when you need them

Traditional reporting is no longer enough to win, you need real-time insight delivered to where-ever you are as it happens.

Our Smart Alerts utilise our sophisticated anomaly detection, built on huge data sets from our customers. Let us monitor your business for you and discover issues the moment they happen.

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