The preferred performance intelligence platform, for all companies.


With over 300 connectors, there is no limit to the data we can monitor and analyse. No data modelling is required, simply plug it in and you can start analysing straight away.


Easy self-service visualisation that anyone can use. Generate insight using our easy to use wizard or switch to the SQL editor. Personalise your views to tell the story, in the manner you wish.

Anomaly Detection

Our Anomaly Detection keeps check on your business 24/7, and identifies changes in patterns and behaviours, something other reporting tools won’t achieve.

Smart Alerts

Keep an eye on your business 24/7.AVORA is constantly monitoring your data to ensure you are alerted as soon as there is a change in the thresholds you have set.


Unlike traditional reporting tools, AVORA continually updates data from multiple sources, so you can analyse information whenever you want to.


Take your business with you in the palm of your hand on our mobile app. Easy access to your real-time insight and smart alerts.


Finally, there is one truth that is shared between and amongst teams. Invite colleagues and ensure the whole company is looking at the same numbers and taking action together.

AVORA Features

AVORA has the features you need to manage your business.

Smart Alerts

Intelligent alerts through browser email and mobile

Slice and Dice

Quickly slice and dice your data however you wish

Anomaly Detection

24/7 monitoring of your KPIs across all of your data

Card Builder

Anyone can build the most complex reports with our intuitive interface


Work with your colleagues or share with suppliers…


Easily embed your insights in to your applications


1 click snapshots to Email, Excel, PDF or Powerpoint


Easy access to real-time data and alerts while you’re on the go


Full API to export the data as you need it


Over 300 integrations to choose from


Enrich your customer data with website/app event tracking


No data modelling, at all

Our Clients

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300+ Integrations, Share collaborate, Alerts & Notifications, Real-time, Single Customer View, Mobile…