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Avora One is an end to end enterprise analytics solution that puts incredibly fast and powerful data-driven insight in the hands of everyone in your organisation.  

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Avora One is a fully integrated end-to-end platform and solution that includes:

  • Gravity
    Seamlessly connect and combine all your data – ingestion, warehouse storage and dynamic modelling.

  • Explore & Freeshare
    Easily build powerful metrics and stunning visual dashboards. Collaborate without restriction. 

  • Avora AI
    Be the first to know about performance anomalies, and uncover the reasons why in moments instead of days or weeks.

The Avora ‘A Team’ of data scientists, engineers and business experts are part of the service to support and help you realise success from the start.


Unify all your data from any source with managed ELT, next generation data storage and a flexible virtual data model.

Adapted to your organisational needs and architecture, it is very fast, totally secure and designed for quality, efficiency and speed.

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Avora Data Sources and Connectors
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Connect your data

Seamlessly connect all your data sources with hundreds of pre-built and custom made connectors.

For example instantly correlate sales performance with marketing campaigns, or profits with operating efficiencies. Bring in data from the cloud or on-premise, with enterprise security and granular governance.

Connect your data

Store and access

Data is stored, transformed and accessible with minimal manipulation. A clear audit-trail to source data that enables scalability, and maximises cost efficiency.

Fast access by a high number of concurrent users, and smart caching and call-expiry optimises response times without compromising data freshness.

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Dynamically model

The virtual data model allows users to unlock data potential; dynamically query multiple datasets, with the flexibility and granularity of raw data.

Virtually unlimited number of tables connected with dynamic table joins, added, edited or removed easily in schema builder.

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Explorer & Freeshare

Avora’s Explorer and Freeshare feature sets unlock your data and entire organisation’s potential. Offering unlimited insights to share and collaborate together, using dynamic, powerful and intuitive data querying, joining and visualisation in a vast array of stunning dashboards. 

With granular access control down to row level, you can ensure the right people have the right information at the right time.

Freeshare breaks down silos, improves transparency and enables better and more accurate decision making, both internally and across your ecosystem of third party partners and affiliates. 

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Avora Explorer and Freeshare AI powered analytics icons

Explore and join data

With the easy to use yet incredibly powerful Avora Explorer, it is easy to explore and query data, and build schemas and metrics. Whether you’re a data scientist, analyst or business user you can quickly build compelling metrics, charts and more.

With Avora’s unique ELT and virtual data model diverse data sets, tables and rows are joined and refreshed on demand.

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Stunning dashboards

Easily build, highlight and share performance and trends in compelling charts and reports in our powerful visual dashboard.

Customise components to showcase important insight and data points relevant to individuals or teams, and personalise to your own or your clients’ branding.

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Boundless collaboration

Cross-functional teams, departments, customers, partners, agencies and consultants can all freely collaborate with Avora Freeshare, with controllable sharing options.

The Avora model uniquely enables open collaboration, complemented by granular access controls from dashboards down to individual data row level.

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Avora AI

With AI or Auto-ML built in, everyone can quickly discover the key drivers of performance in moments. Gone are the days of waiting hours, days or weeks.

This overturns the conventional time data analysts and scientists spend investigating and bringing data together. Now the majority of time is spent on analysis consulting the business, spotting trends, anomalies, identifying the root cause of ‘why’ something has happened, providing more accurate forecasts and actions.

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Anomaly detection

Traditionally business intelligence tools offer simple upper and lower variance alerts. Avora uses AI or auto-ML to go further. Using learned context of metrics tracked, for example promotions or seasonal variances. This new generation capability means accurate, first-to-know notification of issues to close market gaps or gain first mover advantage. 

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Root cause analysis

Radically cut the time usually taken to find out why performance changes have occurred with root cause analysis. Use powerful algorithms to interrogate millions of rows of data and dimensions in moments, and reveal key correlations and causes.  

Easy to activate and use in the Freeshare visual dashboard.

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Forecast and act

Our unique forecasting feature provides you with powerful and accurate forecasting on chosen data sets.

Using sophisticated modelling techniques, Avora speeds up and increases reliability of your predictions and decision making.  

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Security & Governance

  • Full visibility of data sources and feed status.

  • Enterprise data security, including ISO 27001 standard.

  • Access control at row, table, dashboard and user level

  • Enterprise data encryption

  • Single sign on capability

Avora is committed to your data security without compromise – employing a diverse range of industry leading best practices and standards. Measures include state-of-the-art firewalls, intrusion detection, change management process and robust documented security policies. Additionally, data and user governance are in place such as control of dashboards, functionality access and data access at row level.

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Avora A Team

Our ‘A Team’ of data science, technology and business experts provide all our customers with 360° support as standard.

Starting with your goals we help clients define the right solution, validate and support – as much or as little as desired.

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