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augmented analytics & machine learning

AVORA data library more than 300 data feeds

Extensive data feed library

With over 350 connectors, there is no limit to the data we can monitor and analyse. No data modelling is required, simply plug it in and you can start analysing straight away.

Easily build data connections

Minimal data modelling means that you can easily build data connections and harness knowledge across your entire company, from one central source of truth.

Using our flexible virtual data model you can extend your data model in seconds. Don’t be constrained by legacy systems.

Share dashboards and export data with AVORA
Share dashboards and export data with AVORA

Effortlessly share your
data stories

Visualise your data, create dashboards and share the insights with anyone. Easy self-service visualisation that anyone can use. Generate insights using our easy to use wizard or switch to the SQL editor. Personalise your views to tell the story in your narrative.

Integrated Machine Learning

With our Smart Alerts and Machine Learning features, staying on top of your business has never been easier.

Our algorithms constantly monitor your data to ensure that you are alerted as soon as there is an unusual behaviour. They then identify and surface the root cause and provide you with insight as to what caused the trigger, so you’re able to focus on critical areas as they emerge.

Machine learning AI root cause analysis by AVORA
Shield Security
ISO 27001

Champions of data security

We are passionate and committed in keeping your data secure. We are ISO 27001:2017 certificated and employ industry-standard practices for security controls such as Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Change Management and written security policies.

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