AI Driven Analytics at Enterprise Scale

Leverage all your trusted data sources, ask any question & get automated insights

Smart Alerting

Identify unusual behaviour as it happens using Machine Learning - without waiting for the weekly report

Fire and Forget

Set a sensitivity level, system automatically determines trends, seasonality and the ideal threshold to pick up unusual behaviour.


Proactively find changes in behaviours for KPIs, as your data arrives.

Root Cause Analysis

Find out why performance has changed, automatically see the most relevant drivers

Focus on What Matters

See how KPIs are affected by movements of individual drivers, looking through hundreds of attributes to find the most relevant ones.

Act Quickly

We surface the most relevant attributes linked to better & poorer performance, so you’re able to focus on critical areas as they emerge.

Configure For Your Business

Build your process funnel in minutes, marking out relevant steps in your workflow.

Hassle-Free Data Management, with Minimum Data Modelling

Managed Data Ingestion

Our as-a-service model offer you guaranteed business outcomes - stop worrying about if your data is accurate or up-to-date, concentrate on interpreting business insights.

Cover All Your Data Sources

With over 300 connectors, there is no limit to the data we can monitor and analyse. No data modelling is required, simply plug it in and you can start analysing straight away.

Join Disparate Datasets

Harness knowledge across your entire company, from one central source of truth, using our flexible virtual data model.

Ask Your Data Any Question, In Real Time

Get answers to complex queries in seconds using our automatic query builder, split by any time granularity.

Stay Up-To-Date

Real-time updates at your fingertips, proactively identify delayed feeds.

Collaborate Seamlessly, From Anywhere

Complex Reports

Overlay KPIs from any data source, leveraging our flexible virtual data model.


Easy self-service visualisation that anyone can use. Generate insight using our easy to use wizard or switch to the SQL editor. Personalise your views to tell the story in your narrative.

Sharing As Standard

No additional cost for sharing dashboards, so anyone who needs data can have it.


Take your business with you in the palm of your hand on our mobile app. Easy access to your real-time insight and smart alerts.


Put your mark on dashboards with your own layout, themes & fonts.