Know someone who would love Avora?

Let’s team up to help more people benefit from Avora. Refer a company or team and if they sign up we will send you $500 when they become a customer

Avora Referral

How it works:

Invite other businesses to try Avora – as many as you’d like, there’s no limit!

We’ll work with them to see if Avora is the right solution for their organization.

You’ll get an Amazon gift card when they complete a demo and another when they become a customer.

Who you shoud refer:

Avora primarily works with Analytics and Marketing leaders. If your referral is a company founder or has a title, like Head of Marketing, CDO, or Director, they could be the perfect fit. Feel free to refer companies or teams between 100 and 3,000 people located in English-speaking countries.

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