HBO Case Study

HBO Latin America turned to Avora to improve affiliate broadcasters’ reporting and deliver a more impactful experience for their analysts and content curators to meet the demands of sustained growth in the region.

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Anomaly detection system
Building An Anomaly Detection System? 5 Recommendations for a successful solution — from signal analysis to sharing insights at scale.
Root Cause Analysis
Anyone can get more Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and lower customer acquisition costs by unlocking Anomaly Detection and Root
Webinar Competitive Advantage with Augmented Analytics
Watch this video and David Jayatillake will tell how to build competitive advantage in a B2C market with Augmented Analytics.
AI Analytics
Root Cause Analysis, based on ML algorithms, is an automated way to identify business areas and operational factors that drive
Data Governance
Every day we still talk to people who feel frustrated with data governance. Read here 5 ways to make data
Improve Customer Engagement
This webinar will teach marketing leaders to increase customer engagement and improve their competitive edge through innovative customer experience methods.
Automated Machine Learning
Historically, machine learning algorithms and their models had to be created manually. Evolve to automated machine learning by reading this
Remote Agile Ceremony
The most difficult thing I’ve had to do since our team moved to 100% remote working is remote Agile ceremonies.
Explainable AI Is The Future Of Decision Making
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often called a Black Box because it’s not always clear how the algorithm was able to
Artifical Intelligence
AI is a branch of computer science which creates software that can perform tasks that have previously only been possible
Evolve From BI To AutoML
This event is for analytics leaders who want to evolve from traditional BI solutions to advanced analytics. With Lasse Pedersen.
Foster a
This event is for analytics leaders who want to establish a data-driven culture by getting everyone to “think in data”.
At Avora, we value culture and wellbeing. Read the second and final part of the blog from our Wellness team
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Culture and Wellbeing is key to success in your company. Ana and Bodea from Avora give you the secrets to
Webinar Large 01 01
This webinar is for Performance and Digital Marketing leaders who want to learn about Automated Machine Learning applied to marketing
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In this blog Jeremy is talking about the importance of storytelling to communicate to a bigger audience our insights. Automated
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Communication is important if you want your team to be efficient. Avora's CTO is giving away some tips on sharing
Anomaly Detection
It is crucial to react quickly to any unexpected events. Learn how Avora managed to reduce its data warehouse costs thanks
data storyteller
It is the end of data analysts. Long live to the data storytellers! Read the article from one of our
Metric Explorer Giph
Our customers said they’d love to have an additional way to reduce time to spot changes in metrics, find out
avora peacock
Learn the 4 main principles to get started with AI. Our CTO Manjit Johal wrote this article following is experience
Growth Marekting Blog Avora
We’ve put together five tactics marketers can adopt to improve effectiveness and ROI and drive drive growth in a challenging
Karl Griffin Blog Avora A Data Analyst At Every Desk
Consider today’s data-enabled world of work, the technology, the teams of people working on detailed analytics and the decision maker
Webinar On Demand Demo
Avora new Features: See how you can keep track of changes to your KPIs and understand why as fast as
Why Data Analysts Roles Will Become Industry
As more businesses adopt augmented analytics, our CTO Manjit Johal tells us how data analysts roles will become industry-specific.
Biggest Risk To Retaining Data Analysts Boredom
Our CTO looks at how augmented analytics can help businesses retaining data analysts by automating repetitive tasks and harnessing their
Webinar IMRG Which Retail Types Growing Fastest Online With Brightcove
On-demand Webinar: Hear Alberta Bosco, Kirsty Wilson and Andy Mulcahy, reveal for the first time in detail which retail types
Figleaves Avora Video
Join our conversation with Figleaves: Graham Smith, Head of Technology, and Angus Jenkins, Head of Ecommerce share how they are
Frost & Sullivan AI-Based Business Intelligence Solution
Frost & Sullivan explores why Avora won the 2019 AI-Based Business Intelligence Solution Award for accelerating the data analytics process.
Figleaves Avora Customer Snapshot
Discover why Figleaves revolutionises its analytics by selecting Avora's augmented analytics platform to marry together merchandising and marketing metrics.
Manjit Johal Advises Start-ups
Avora Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Manjit Johal, shared his tips and advice to some of the UK’s brightest start-up
Esynergy Customer Snapshot Avora
Learn how eSynergy overcame their messy data and insights problem with the help of Avora and realised time savings across
Frost & Sullivan Press Release
Based on its recent analysis of the AI-based business intelligence market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Avora with the 2019 Technology
Webinar Amir Malik Accenture Growth Marketing (1)
ON-DEMAND Webinar: Hear Amir Malik from Accenture and Peter Hutchinson, Customer Champion at Avora, discuss the 5 Growth marketing trends
Retails 21st century problem
This white paper 'Retail’s 21st century data problem' examines how retailers can reinvent their analytics to drive growth and operational
Avora named on CIO Applications Top 10 business intelligence solution providers
Avora, has been named one of the Top 10 Business Intelligence Solution Providers 2019 by CIO Applications, recognising the best
Last week we were proud and excited to see Avora included in the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 awards ceremony
Avora Deloitte Fast 50 2019 Awards
Augmented analytics specialist, Avora was named the UK’s 42nd fastest growing technology company at Deloitte Fast 50 Awards.
Microsoft Scaleup Avora Newsroom
Augmented Analytics specialist, Avora, has been selected by Microsoft for its prestigious ScaleUp Program, designed to foster the success of
hbo hero case study
Read the full case study on why HBO Latin America turned to Avora to improve affiliate reporting and deliver a
Webinar Snowflake How to apply AI to your data
ON-DEMAND webinar: Hear Manjit Johal, CTO and Co-Founder at Avora and Kevin McGinley, Field CTO at Snowflake, discuss the emerging
Figleaves deploys Avora
Online lingerie and swimwear retailer, Figleaves, has deployed the Avora augmented analytics platform to deliver granular data insights at speed.
Elevate Avora Video With David Jayatillake
Join our conversation with David Jayatillake, Head of BI & Analytics for Elevate Credit, where he shares how his team
Elevate Credit press release
Elevate Credit, has deployed the Avora augmented analytics platform to deliver analytics-as-a-service across its UK operations.
Adding to its list of accolades, Avora has won the ‘Best Financial Operations Solutions of the Year 2019’ at this
Avora has re-certified its ISO 27001 compliance for 2019 in line with its stringent data management protocols. It addresses GDPR,
2019 Deep Tech Entrepreneur
Avora CEO, Ricky Thomas, has been named the ‘2019 Deep Tech Entrepreneur’ at the Enterprise Awards, known as the Oscars
Webinar Why big data projects go wrong
ON-DEMAND webinar: Hear from Manjit Johal, CTO and Co-Founder at Avora about the best ways to tackle your big data
Webinar Rise of Data Role
WEBINAR: The Rise of the Data Role. Hear from Caroline Carruthers, Alvin Chan and James Adam about how CDOs can
Practical Ways to Use AI in Your Business Today
Our CTO, Manjit Johal, offers some practical ways that your business could leverage AI immediately and discuss the kinds of
understand the numbers
Great news: you’ve hit your numbers. But do you have any real idea why those sales came through? Look deeper
Business Intelligence Predictions
2020 Business Intelligence predictions: These are trends we expect to grow and significantly impact analytical strategy over the next several
Use AI to revolutionise reporting
Data and information are becoming more and more important for businesses. AI can provide a personalised data experienced for everyone
Webinar BI to AI Evolution
ON-DEMAND webinar: The webinar session discusses how analytics have evolved, from traditional BI and now to next generation augmented analytics.
Series A press release
Avora, the enterprise analytics platform powered by native machine learning technology, today announced it has raised $6.5m (£5.1m) in a
stop wasting your data
By consuming more and more data, companies will discover more valuable insights and react faster to dynamic markets. Wrong. That’s
eSynergy Avora Case Study
Read the full case study on why eSynergy Solutions selected Avora to help them better understand their data, accelerate growth
leveraging data marketing planning for the year ahead
This also the perfect time to plan for the next 12 months and beyond. Specifically, we are looking at how
White paper time to stop sending your analysts down the mine
This white paper examines real, easy-to-implement solutions to use your analysts’ time better, and explores the status quo in data.
avora adtrak case study header image
Read the full case study on why Adtrak selected Avora to help them with their data analysis and business insights
augmented bi
“Why did that happen?” is a disarmingly simple question to ask, but fiendishly difficult to answer. Get to the root
alvin blog part
Achieving that optimal blend between human and machine is what we call Augmented Intelligence. Get most of your data by
White paper solving the media sector data challenges
Media agencies now operate in one of the most complex and time sensitive data ecosystems, with an increased risk of
Smart alerts
In simple terms, a smart alert or anomaly is a data point that differs from others to a degree that
cart in hand
When does a paying customer become a churned customer? That’s not as easy a question as you might think. Do
The Next Wave of BI Disruption: transition from traditional BI platforms and data science tools could respond faster than their
key factors to a successful analytics proof of concept
Creating an analytics proof of concept can demonstrate whether business intelligence platforms are worth the investment and secure executive buy-in.
adapt grow the challenges facing media in
More than any other sector, Media is at the forefront of the big data revolution. Not only is Media examining,
Avora product application
SEO, PPC, Adwords, advertising campaigns, trials and special offers - the list of marketing efforts focused on attracting new customers
new year new data resolutions
January offers an ideal opportunity for us to wipe the slate clean and start afresh, shrugging off the hangover of
avora peacock
In the business world, metrics are used to gauge many things, such as sales and profit. They are powerful guideposts
personalisation internet of me
Personalisation is an inevitable and necessary next step in the evolution of the Internet. Users often felt overwhelmed and resented
big data growth
Data warehousing is increasingly popular because it offers advantages that on-site storage and compute resources cannot match.
customer experience stats
Customer surveys used to be a mainstay of marketing, largely because they were the only way to directly connect with