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Avora helps business leaders, data scientists, engineers and analysts, across almost every function unlock the true potential of their data to reveal incisive insights at lightning speed.

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Avora Data Scientist
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Business and department leaders

Get richer, faster, on-point insights to make and act on smart decisions while improving efficiency.    

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Avora Data Analyst Business Intelligence

Business Performance, Data Analysts and Scientists

Easily interrogate data from across the business and produce critical insights in a fraction of the time.  

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Data Technology Leader Business Intelligence Avora

Data Stewards and Technology Owners

Manage all our data in a secure, flexible, powerful cloud solution, increase business value and reduce cost. 

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LN Avora

Business and department leaders

Panoramic view and deep-dive insight to reveal new operating efficiencies, improve productivity, increase CLV, generate more demand & sales and improve retention.

Easy to use live insights and collaboration without limits. Plus immediate alerts to critical changes in performance metrics.

Powerful AI trend anomalies and root cause analysis unearths performance drivers in seconds instead of days or weeks.

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Business Performance, Data Analysts and Scientists

Enabling data science to be pivotal to organisation success, winning and sustaining competitive advantage.

Ingest and assimilate all data with greater reliability and accessibility, with incredibly agile query and configuration. 

Configurable machine learning to transform heavy lifting data manipulation and inquiry into fast, reliable cause analysis.

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LN Avora
LN Avora

Data stewards and technology leaders

Highly flexible, scalable, affordable and joined-up data technology solution combining ingestion, warehousing, ETL and data modelling. 

Reduce TCO of enterprise business intelligence yet leap forward with next generation AI enabled capabilities. 

Class leading security, protection and governance across all data, users and technologies. Full enterprise support included.

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Built for your market

Avora has proven its value in a range of industries and markets, from Retail to Financial Services, Advertising, Supply Chain, and Media and Entertainment

Whatever your role, business type or industry Avora can unlock the potential of your data to pinpoint operating efficiencies, sales opportunities and strategic advantage, every single day.

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Latest Case Study

HBO Latin America turned to Avora to improve affiliate broadcasters’ reporting and deliver a more impactful experience for their analysts and content curators to meet the demands of sustained growth in the region.

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Easy integration to your data warehouse

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