Brands & Advertising

Bringing 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data together to optimise campaign performance and having the insight available to enhance campaigns in-flight can prove too costly and time consuming to maintain.
With AVORA any data can be brought together to demonstrate campaign effectiveness across all channels. AVORA’s embedded smart alerts and root cause analysis enables real time decision making so under or over performing campaigns can be enhanced in real-time.

Media & Entertainment

Use AVORA to identify top performing content across all channels, accelerate engagement and optimise advertising revenues by analysing audience and listener behaviours and demographic make up.
AVORA’s smart alerts and root cause analysis enables proactive network performance monitoring and supports successful advertising campaigns.


Use AVORA’s decision enabling platform to identify new revenue streams, improve customer service and monitor network performance.
AVORA’s embedded smart alerts and root cause analysis delivers real-time customer insight and enables you to proactively control churn. Bring together data from any source to break down insight silos and promote effective cross channel engagement.

Speed up decision making with real-time insights

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