The Rise of the Data Role

The prominence of data roles within organisations has increased in recent years. Driven by the explosion in the quantity and complexity of data generated by organisations, Chief Data Officers (CDO) and their teams are increasingly taking centre stage. They need to empower other teams in the organisation to answer questions and transition to a more data-informed culture. But these outcomes do not come without growing pains and challenges.

In this exclusive webinar, hear from Caroline Carruthers, Director at Carruthers and Jackson and Co Author of The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook, Alvin Chan, Head of Product & Data Science at AVORA, and James Adams, Head of Workforce Planning at Eden Smith about how CDOs can create an environment of enablement. You will find out:

  • What is behind the rise of the CDO and why organisations need to incorporate them into their strategy and operations.
  • The roles that support CDOs – beyond Data Scientists, there are other roles and functions that are necessary for success.
  • What it takes to succeed in the data role – how to overcome challenges and create an environment of empowerment.

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Caroline Carruthers Profile Photo

Caroline Carruthers

Director, Carruthers and Jackson

Caroline is a recognised global data leader who is sought after for international speaking engagements. The first book she co-authored, ‘The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook’ was a best seller and her second book ‘Data Driven Business Transformation’ will be released in March 2019.

She has been a Chief Data Officer across multiple industries and sectors, leading data driven business transformations that delivered tangible results and has been a data cheerleader since she realised how crucial it was to running a business well.

Alvin Chan Head Of Product AVORA

Alvin Chan

Head of Product & Data Science, AVORA

Alvin Chan is passionate about designing and deploying machine learning tools, using augmented intelligence, to uncover valuable hidden signals and insights in data. Alvin has a background in science, through his PhD in Physics at Imperial College London. At AVORA, Alvin heads up the Product and Data Science team.

Prior to AVORA, Alvin worked in the Strategy team at Premier Inn, where he helped senior stakeholders build a data-driven strategic roadmap for digital, property and operational investments at the UK’s largest hotel group.

James Adams Eden Smith

James Adams

Head of Workforce Planning, Eden Smith

James is an expert in the acquisition, utilisation and retention of talent. He joined the Eden Smith Associates network to offer strategic workforce planning solutions. James has helped technology companies from independent start-ups to Nasdaq-listed businesses to build effective and successful talent strategies, career development plans and retention programmes.

By advocating an approach to the employee journey that encourages L&D, goal setting and interactive feedback, James enables company success by facilitating employee engagement and reducing turnover.



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