Technology consultancy, eSynergy Solutions is using Avora’s augmented analytics platform to drive real-time insights, transparency and value from its data. 

While engaging with its clients, eSynergy Solutions came across a loophole within its own business and IT environment. The company was constantly failing to analyze data and tap valuable insights from it—which became a huge barrier to improving their performance. Consequently, maintaining business transparency and having a real-time understanding of its financial performance was becoming tougher by the day. Manual monitoring of key business operations was also difficult and impractical. 

“We were running on an old CRM system, and the whole process of accessing data and information was archaic. Due to lack of business intelligence functionality, everything was becoming messy,” said John Birtwhistle, Associate Director, eSynergy Solutions. 

Avora’s seasoned team of data scientists focuses on deciphering the key business problems while engaging with clients. “With our experience, we have seen that companies are more interested in buying solutions or services rather than pieces of software. So, we do not sell a piece of software, but we focus on root cause analysis to provide efficient and cutting-edge solutions,” said Ricky Thomas, CEO of Avora. 

After deciphering the pain points, Avora offered and deployed its solutions to make eSynergy Solutions’ data useful, delivering time saving and valuable insights into key business processes and performance. In addition, Avora also built compelling dashboards for everyone in the organization—allowing them to have a detailed view of their performance. Also, it empowered eSynergy Solutions’ management team to observe revenue numbers, sales details, and individual employee’s performance. 

Today, eSynergy does not need to wait for monthly reports to monitor revenue as Avora’s platform has empowered its management team to have a holistic view of the whole organization and operations. Ultimately, the ability of quick decision making translated into increased revenue. After engaging with Avora, eSynergy Solutions reached their goal and had the desired organizational efficiency. 

Being an all-in-one data analytics platform, Avora harnesses the power of AI and ML to extract real-time insight from the wide array of data. It also enables clients to perform better in a cost-and time-efficient way and ensures automated detection of anomalies and trends across the entire dataset. Unlike other reporting tools that work slowly on historical data, Avora leverages real-time data, and acts in pace. It also bypasses the traditional data warehousing approach and saves nearly 50 percent of data warehouse failures. 

With more than 350 data connectors, the company has developed the ability to deal with large data sets without any data modeling. Finally, remediating all common problems associated with big data and business intelligence, Avora helps its clients in reducing cost, removing complexity, and accelerating the process of gathering valuable insight.