Which retailer types are growing fastest online? 2019 was a difficult year for retail sales, with demand very subdued – and online has been no exception to this. While the trading climate was undoubtedly tough however, the story is never universally bad – with some groups of retailers continuing to record solid sales growth.

With the launch of the new IMRG Capgemini Digital Dashboard, we now have the ability to delve down into far more granular detail on performance at the click of the button, filtering and refining the sales data from over 200 retailers to provide unique insight into which retailer types are bucking the current downward trend, as well as which are struggling to find any growth.

Join IMRG, Avora and Brightcove as we revealed this information for the first time in detail, breaking down sales by week to show sales performance split by:

  • 25 product categories (now up from 14 categories)

  • Market tier (budget, mid-market, premium)

  • Multichannel and online-only

  • Basket value

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Alberta Bosco

Alberta Bosco

Product Marketer, Avora

Kirsty Wilson Brightcove

Kirsty Wilson

Account Director, Brightcove

Andy Mulcahy IMRG

Andy Mulcahy

Strategy and Insight Director, IMRG