Artificial intelligence is an obvious way of getting more insights from your data. And anomaly detection is certainly the first step to use AI in your analytics and save time on tedious and repetitive tasks. We, at Avora. believe in the power of anomaly detection and root cause analysis to make your business successful and that’s why we wrote this E-book ‘the ultimate guide to anomaly detection’ to help analytics leaders, data scientists and data analysts to choose the right solution to automate the analysis of their data.

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This E-book will cover all your need to know about anomaly detection and what are the other tools you can use in combination with it. Topics that are explored include:

  • What is anomaly detection?

  • Use cases of anomaly detection

  • How to build your own anomaly detection

  • Pratical anomaly detection workflows

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Alvin Chan

Alvin Chan

VP Solution Architect, Avora

Guillaume Vachey

Guillaume Vachey

Senior Data Analyst, Avora