To compete and lead in an ever challenging environment, marketers need to be prepared for what the future holds. With multiple channels and tools at their disposal it can be hard for marketers to know what to focus on.

In this webinar Amir Malik, Digital Marketing Expert at Accenture Interactive, and Peter Hutchinson, Customer Champion at Avora, discuss the top trends for 2020 in growth marketing and steps you can take to successfully implement and realise significant benefits.

Register for this webinar ‘5 Growth marketing trends in 2020’ to learn:

  • Get the insights right – base your decisions on facts and evidence and don’t make decisions only based on gut feeling.

  • How to measure the effectiveness across all your social media channels and get a complete of your campaign overview.

  • The new trends in social media and technologies and how to make the most of the information you are gathering.

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Amir S Jan Malik - Accenture

Amir Malik

Digital Marketing Expert, Accenture Interactive

Amir Malik is a digital marketing expert, specialising in martech and adtech services, and data-driven advertising for Accenture Interactive. He began his career in digital advertising working for Google, focusing on real time optimisation for search advertising. He then joined Microsoft to improve the business’s search response optimisation platform for marketers. After working for these two technology companies, he ran the commercial and digital transformation programme at the Daily Mail Group and devised an aggressive programmatic strategy focusing on data acquisition and performance marketing.

Peter Hutchinson Avora Customer Champion

Peter Hutchinson

Customer Champion, Avora

Peter is an analytics expert, helping businesses drive data value. With a business consulting and digital marketing background, Peter helped scale and sell marketing analytics business, DC Storm. He previously held a BI and analytics leadership position at Rakuten Marketing.