For many retailers, the old ways of analysing retail data are outdated in the modern environment. Today, data comes in a vast array of forms and languages; it is spread over multiple systems and is collected on a variety of spreadsheets. It resides in silos and systems, yet needs to be visible across departments from merchandising and promotions to returns and logistics.

This white paper examines how retailers can reinvent their operations for the digital age using augmented analytics rather than relying on gut feeling for decision making. Topics that are explored include:

  • How to leverage deeper understanding and better use of your data to your advantage in the ever changing retail environment.

  • Key considerations, processes, tools and technologies required to reach the next level.

  • How retailers are using Avora‘s platform of AI and machine learning to sharpen their data analytics to drive better decisions and outcomes.

Learn how fact-based informed decisions can help you spearhead growth, support operational excellence and take your retail analytics to the next level augmented analytics by downloading this white paper about ‘Retail’s 21st century data problem’.

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